Antiscalant Sale

The Absun Zolal Engineering Company, Supplier and Antiscalant Sales Company (Antiscalantis priced at a price tag.

as well as the technical group and the clear Absun Zolal engineering group based on its expertise and capabilities, the Antiscalant supplier is very low with the formulation of the best brands of high quality and very low price.

Antiscalant is necessary due to increasing the need and development of membrane processes in water purification, with the aim of reducing operating costs and operation. Antiscalant is the same as Sediment, whose duty is to prevent the formation of precipitation in reverse osmosis.

Most of the Sediments, which are in reverse osmosis system, include calcium sulfate, strontium, barium sulfate, silica and biological Eclipse. For this reason, Antiscalant is used to prevent the formation of the sediment mentioned in the Membranes.