Chadormalu Mining & Industrial Co.

  • Subjrct: Water Treatment Plant and Wastewater Reuse
  • Capacity: 7780m3/day
  • source: Well Water (Mileshbar)-Desalinated Water From Persian Gulf and Ardakan Sanitary WWTP
  • Location: Yazd – Ardakan

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About project


The sewage treatment plant of Chadormello steel complex is provided for two different purposes. The consumption of this project includes 136m3/hr for the steel factory (SMP) and 164m3/hr for the direct recovery section, according to the designed conditions.

The raw water entering the system with a capacity of 324m3/hr is the treated effluent of Ardakan city.

In order to achieve an acceptable quality according to the RO input standards, this wastewater needs pre-treatment systems such as coagulation and flocculation and DAF system to reduce oil and grease, suspended matter and turbidity, and then the sludge from DAF is sent to the thickener and dewatering units. Sludge (filter press) is directed.

treated wastewater

The purified wastewater from the DAF system is fed by feed pumps to the usual pre-treatment units of the reverse osmosis system (sand and carbon filters).

The water obtained from the backwash of sand and carbon filters is directed to the DAF unit for greater efficiency and reuse.

Before entering the reverse osmosis system, the output water from the sand and carbon filters must pass through the ultrafiltration system to reduce the turbidity and SDI of the water in accordance with the standards of the water entering the reverse osmosis system, which is designed by Absan Zalal Company.
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Reverse osmosis system and pre-treatment section

The chemical injection unit includes the following parts:

  • Chlorine injection
    Injection of sodium metabisulfite
    Antiscalant injection
    Acid injection
    NaOH injection

(Pretreatment unit) pretreatment unit of reverse osmosis system

It includes the following part:

  • DAF dissolved air flotation
    Sand and carbon filters
    UF ultrafiltration
    Filter cartridge