Esfahan Oil Refining Co.

lpg gas recovery
  • Subject: Biological Wastewater Treatment Plant (A2O method)
  • Source: Raw Sanitary Wastewater 
  • Target: Pre-Treatment Plant For Desalination
  • Capacity: 21600 m3/day
  • Location: Esfahan
  • Project Type: EPC

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About Project

The purpose of this project is to design, build, install and operate a biological treatment plant with a capacity of 900 cubic meters per hour to improve the quality of wastewater received from Shahin city treatment plant in Isfahan city and remove pollutants and disturbing elements in it (such as COD, phosphate, Ammonia and…) and bringing this effluent to the appropriate quality to enter the final treatment plant in Isfahan Oil Refining Company.

The general scope of the project description will include the design, installation and operation of the following facilities:

Mechanical and manual scavenger unit for the primary sewage receiving basin
Construction of the sewage storage tank considering the mixer
Installation of pumps to send sewage to the unit
Divided pool of anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic tanks
2 anaerobic tanks
2 anoxic tanks
2aerobic tanks
Design and implementation of 3-4 inch raw sewage pipeline received from Shahin Shahr treatment plant
Divided flow basin between secondary settling tanks
2 secondary sedimentation tanks (clarifier)
Flow collector of secondary sedimentation tanks
Sludge disposal and return pumping station
Sludge dewatering system
Super Natant pumping station
Chlorine gas injection system and accessories
Communication pipes and channels between units and bypasses
All required outbuildings