Esfahan Oil Refining Co.

lpg gas recovery
lpg gas recovery
  • Subject: LPG Gas Recovery Project
  • Source: Isomerization Unit Exhaust Gas 
  • Location: Esfahan


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About project

The isomerization unit of Esfahan Oil Refinery Company with a capacity of 27000 barrels per day, is designed to isomerize the feed received from Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (the upstream product of the splitter tower). In this unit the feed enters the isomerization reactors after passing through a desulfurizer in order to separate probable sulfur content and also a dryer in order to absorb water content. Then the product of the reactors enters the stabilizer tower. The liquid stream coming out from the tower is sent to the deisohexanizer and finally the isomerate product is prepared. The overhead gas from stabilizer enters the scrubber tower and after being washed with caustic, exits out from the top of the tower. Currently this gas stream (sweet gas) which contains a large percentage of LPG and hydrogen, enters the refinery fuel gas ring. The goal is recovering hydrogen and LPG from this gas stream (Sweet Gas).

The goal of this project is to prepare basic design documents, and then doing the related services of detail design, procurements, construction, and finally commissioning of the LPG and hydrogen recovery system from effluent gases of the isomerization unit. Also, preparing as-built drawings at the end of the project is within the CONTRACTOR scope of work.