Esfahan Oil Refining Co.

lpg gas recovery
Industrial Water Production
  • Subject: Sanitary WW Reuse Project from Shahin-Shahr WWTP for Industrial Water Production (Cooling Tower Make-up)
  • Capacity: 21600 m3/day
  • Location: Esfahan
  • Situation:  Completed
  • Project Type: EPC


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About project

Absun Zolal Middle East Company has a brilliant history and while using the latest technology and standards of the world, it is active in the field of water and wastewater treatment and waste water recycling projects in the oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant, steel and mining industries.

This company is known as the first company using ultrafiltration (UF) equipment in Iran. And as an example, this technology was used in the construction of Isfahan Oil Refinery’s wastewater treatment plant, which has a capacity of 900 cubic meters per hour. has implemented that the water produced from this treatment plant can be used in all utility services of Isfahan Oil Refinery.

Use of gray water

According to the trend of decreasing rainfall during the past years and the prediction of international organizations regarding the long period of drought in the country, Isfahan Oil Refining Company, as the first large industrial complex in Iran, started to plan the issue of using gray water for water supply. The need for a refinery and replacement with drinking water.

In this regard, after the initial research and feasibility study of the project to supply the water needed by the operating and refining units, she treated the wastewater and turned it into purified water for her units.

Isfahan Oil Refining Company’s Effluent Treatment Plant

The wastewater treatment plant of Isfahan Oil Refining Company was built on a land of approximately 40,000 square meters in the vicinity of the northeastern fence of the refinery, and the raw wastewater from the Shahin Shahr treatment plant was transferred to this place through the creation of a pumping station.

During the preliminary and supplementary purification process, it will be pumped and used to the facilities of Isfahan Oil Refining Company for the required purposes..

According to the analysis of Shahin Shahr’s wastewater quality in the tender documents, in order to remove the pollutants remaining in it and to bring its quality to the permissible limit for entering membrane systems (ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis), especially the reverse osmosis system of the pre-treatment stages. The following is intended for wastewater treatment.

Pretreatment unit of reverse osmosis system includes:

  • Flotation with dissolved air (Dissoled Air Flotation (DAF).
  • Double bed filter (sand and anthracite) under pressure
  • System (Ultra Violation (UV
  • Automatic self-cleaning filter (Self_cleaning Filter)
  • UF ultrafiltration system
  • Filter cartridge with the ability to remove 5 microns
  • Reverse osmosis unit (RO unit 1&2) with 90% recovery
  • Periodic washing and flushing unit of the RO system in an advanced way