This company is proud to design, manufacture and installation of industrial wastewater treatment system by ultrafiltration to recover urban sewage effluent, Isfahan city (capacity 72000 m 3 day and night). Another method of sewage treatment in Isfahan is the use of active sludge Another purification method is the reverse osmosis of Mobarakeh Steel in Isfahan.



Source of wastewater:

Industrial Wastewater

Treatment Method:

Activated Sludge, UF & RO


Pretreatment System:

72000 m3/day

Sewage treatment by active sludge method

The treatment of sewage by activated sludge with aeration is one of the methods of industrial wastewater treatment that is effected by waste water discharge in a sewage aeration basin, which results in the fact that bacteria with high oxygen content and relatively small amounts of food are exposed and As a result, organic compounds in sewage can be used more fully. In the active sludge treatment system, the concentration of MLSS in the aeration pond is higher than that of conventional sludge.

Ultrafiltration treatment by sewage treatment

Ultrafiltration treatment of sewage is that water is passed through a membrane with very large pores with maximum diameter. The smallest microorganism that can be present in the water is the poliovirus, which is the cause of the polio disease. Other microorganisms are larger than these microorganisms. Therefore, by passing water through the pores of this filter, all microorganisms are physically removed from the water because they are not able to cross the filter pores.

Sewage treatment by reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis treatment is a method in which water passes through a semi-permeable filter with increasing pressure and removes ions and minerals. The osmosis phenomenon is a natural process in which water is flowing without the need for energy. But instead of osmotic to create flow in the opposite direction, we need to introduce pressure to salty water. The reverse osmosis filter is a semipermeable membrane that passes through molecules of water, but prevents the passage of substances such as soluble salts, organic matter, bacteria, etc. We need more pressure to cross the membrane due to the increase The pressure, the salts and soluble ions do not pass through the filter, so water treatment and removal of salts take place.

Pictures of Mobarakeh Steel Wastewater Treatment Plant in Isfahan