Mobarakeh Steel Co.

Mobarakeh Steel
uf submerged
  • Subjrct:Wastewater Reuse by Submerged UF
  • Capacity: 60.000m3/day
  • source:Sanitary WWTP Effluent
  • Target: Industrial Water Production
  • Location: Esfahan

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About project

Mobarake Steel Company of Isfahan is the largest industrial unit of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which was built and launched in the years after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. In the implementation of this huge project, close to 18 million and 700 thousand cubic meters of excavation and 1 million and 845 thousand cubic meters of concrete pouring, 1 million and 800 thousand square meters of molding, 80 thousand tons of reinforcement, about 150 thousand tons of metal skeleton, One million square meters of covering and more than 500 thousand tons of equipment and machinery have been installed

This large industrial company of the country started the first electric arc furnace of its steelmaking unit on 4th of Mehr 1370 and on 23rd of January 1371 its last cold rolling line was inaugurated by Hojat al-Islam and Muslims Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjani, the President of Islam. In 1372, it was put into operation.

This company has an annual nominal capacity of 1.3 million tons of flat steel products from 16 to 0.18 mm in the form of coils and hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets. Isfahan Mobarake Steel Group of Companies currently produces raw materials for more than 3,000 factories and workshops in the country in the industries of pipes and profiles, oil and gas, petrochemicals, automobiles, electric motors, household appliances, light and heavy metals, construction, food, and shipbuilding. and provides marine structures and… Every year, the company exports a part of its products in order to improve quality, meet foreign exchange needs, and continue to be present in global markets and its development, and due to the credit gained in the global market, it now has the potential and credit necessary to export to more than 38 countries. has the world

Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan, having the latest technological achievements of the steel production industry, benefiting from expert and experienced manpower, produces its products

It supplies domestic and foreign markets in a customer-oriented way (customer order)

The products of this company

The products of this company include hot and cold coils and sheets, acid-washed coils, narrow strip coils and sheet metal, which are in accordance with international and national steel standards such as:

ISIRI- SAE/AISI – BS – AFNOR – UNI – ASTM – DIN – JIS – EURONORM API (national standard of Iran) is produced. The expansion of the quality that can be produced in Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company meets the needs of various manufacturing industries, and the success of the export department of Isfahan Mobarakeh Steel Company is due to the high and competitive quality of the products, the timely delivery of products according to the customer’s request. The products of this company have been exported to 30 countries in the world in Europe, North America, Far East, Africa and Persian Gulf countries.

In connection with the planning and organization as well as the follow-up of the activities related to the continuous improvement and qualitative transformation of the company, the Supreme Development Committee and 17 committees with different work topics are established in the company and operate with the following goals:

Determining and explaining the general policies and policies of the company based on the guidelines of the company’s executive management in relation to:

* Total quality management systems (TQ)

* Strategic planning of the company

* Quality assurance management systems (ISO9001)

* Environmental management systems (ISO14001)

* Comprehensive research system

Other systems needed by the company and the general guidance of the organization in order to reach the set goals, so that Isfahan Mobarake steel has received eleven international certificates and badges of honor so far.


Chemical pre-treatment including coagulation unit, flocculation along with relevant injections including injection of coagulant and auxiliary coagulant as well as PH adjustment (if needed) and then flotation with dissolved air to remove TSS, turbidity, oil, BOD and insoluble COD. Is. In the DAF process, compressed air is placed in a pressurized chamber in the vicinity of water and due to the presence of this pressure, it dissolves in it. Pressurized water is sent to the center of the DAF tank through the appropriate piping system and rises to the surface of the water in the form of bubbles. At the same time as the very fine air bubbles rise, suspended particles and clots stick to them and quickly float on the surface of the water, and the surface scraper collects the floating suspended particles from the surface.


Sludge dewatering

The sludge from the DAF system is transferred by gravity to the sludge storage tank. Sludge is transported from this tank to the dewatering unit by the pump. This unit consists of a polyelectrolyte preparation package and two two-phase decanters to separate the liquid and solid phases. Before the sludge enters the decanter, in the inlet line, poly-electrolyte is injected to help better dewater the sludge.


Pump station

The pumping station of this project has been built in the vicinity of PU-13 unit of Mobarake steel complex in Isfahan and it is sent from Lanjan area to the reservoir located in PU-13 unit. The capacity of this pumping station is 1500 cubic meters per hour, and the wastewater is sent to Mobarakeh steel area, unit PU-21 by means of 3+1 centrifugal pumps and a 16 km transmission line..



To prevent biological clogging on the UF membranes, the water obtained from the previous step passes through the very strong UV disinfection system of the LIT company (made in Germany). If used in the right amount, UV removes bacteria, microorganisms and viruses and does not cause by-products. Ultraviolet radiation is produced by applying an electric arc between two electrodes in specially designed lamps containing mercury as well as other gas mixtures. The energy produced by the stimulation of the mercury vapor in the lamp leads to the emission of UV light.


Self-cleaning filters

Along the way and after DAF, the available water passes through STF self-cleaning filters (made in Spain), which are used for more safety than UF and UV systems. As the flow continuously passes through the filter, particles that are larger than the filter mesh are trapped from top to bottom on the inner surface of the filter and accumulate on the inner surface of the filter. A differential pressure switch continuously measures the pressure drop and, if the permissible value is exceeded, the automatic flushing operation is initiated. During automatic washing, there is no interruption in the washing process.


Submerged ultrafiltration (SabmersibleUF)

Water that has already been pre-filtered, under low pressure, enters the UF tanks and is gravity-fed by the suction of the UF pumps, and the produced water is sent to the storage tank.

Membrane MEMCOR CSII L20 (Made in USA) operates based on particle size and by screening mechanism. Particles such as silt, bacteria, giardia, cryptosporidium, metal deposits and some organic materials are kept outside the membrane and the high flux of the filtered flow passes through the membrane. The water output from this unit is sent to the storage tank