95% progress in the construction of a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Mobarakeh Steel Complex

Mobarakeh Steel with the cooperation of Esfahan water and sewerage organization, in line with its commitment to its social responsibilities and for the purpose of preventing urban effluents from entering Zayandehrood River and its environment, as well as its approach to using purified water in its production cycle, has put waste water treatment project on its agenda.

The director of Mobarakeh Steel’s energy and fluid projects said: “Based on this, the extraction of municipal effluents in the PU21 refinery has been defined, which is currently at a complete launch stage with 95% progress.”

Alireza Esteki added: “Due to the drought and water shortage problems of Zayande-rood river, conducting studies on determining sustainable water resources and solving water problems of Mobarakeh Steel Company in terms of quantity and quality of contract between Mobarakeh Steel and Isfahan Water and Sewerage organization with the subject of purchasing wastewater from Mobarakeh and Lenjan counties.” Signed.

Explaining the performance of the project, he said that the initial treatment of the effluents collected in the four treatment plants of Zarrinshahr, Mobarakeh, Safaieh and Vernamkhast cities will be done. He added that the treated effluents will be directed to Mobarakeh Steel Water Treatment Plant (PU13) and then it is transferred with 600 millimeter line to the municipal wastewater treatment plant.

The director of Mobarakeh Steel’s energy and fluid projects said: “The first phase of this project, including the construction of a 3,000-cubic-meter reservoir and a 600-millimeter transmission line in the PU13 unit, was put into operation in May 2018.”

Emphasizing that the treatment plant built in the project uses the latest technologies in the world, he said: “Some of the equipment in this system includes: debris, material injection system, coagulation, DAF system, self-cleaning filters, UV disinfection.”

In order to reduce wastewater disposal and also to increase the efficiency and longevity of RO system membranes, the UF system was used for the first time in the Middle East in this refinery. Currently, all equipment related to this system has entered Mobarakeh Steel’s site. The construction of the chemical dosing site related to this system has been completed and its installation is underway.

Considering the strategic nature of this equipment, the necessary arrangements have been made for concluding contracts with domestic knowledge-based companies in order to make it possible to localize and build them in the country.

Regarding the technical specifications of this project, this project has been constructed in an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters and with more than 650 billion Rials and 10 million euros with a capacity of 1,500 cubic meters per hour and with the ability to increase the capacity to 3,000 cubic meters per hour.” In the construction of this treatment plant, the maximum power of domestic companies in providing equipment such as cables, electrical panels, cranes, chemical storage tanks, etc. has been used.

Currently, all stages of the project are being planned and will be fully launched by the end of this year,” At the end of his speech, Mobarakeh Steel’s energy and fluid projects project manager spoke about the efforts and cooperation of the project’s collaborators, senior management, the Technical and Support Services, Management and Employees of the Energy and Fluid Area, steel Engineering Company and Absan Zalal Company as the contractor and executer of the project.

Project summary

Performing design and engineering services, supplying materials and equipment, construction and installation works, performing all tests and experiments, pre-commissioning and commissioning in the wastewater treatment plant project, including full implementation of wastewater treatment system along with pump station to supply water required by Isfahan Oil Refinery.

Project goals

Water supply required by Isfahan Oil Refining Company

Utilization of urban wastewater in oil and gas industries

Consumption and conservation of natural resources

Self-sufficiency in the treatment of urban and industrial effluents

Waste pumping station (pump station)

This unit is able to transfer 900 cubic meters per hour to Isfahan Oil Refining Company by using a 1000 cubic meter reservoir tank and 4 submersible shaft pumps and other modern equipment and mechanical, electrical and precision instrumentation updates. It is worth mentioning that the station is in operation since May 2016.

Waste water reuse plant

After 9 km from the pump station to Isfahan Oil Refining Company, the municipal effluent will be treated and used in all Utility services of Isfahan Oil Refinery with the latest technology and standards of the world. It is worth mentioning that the treatment plant unit has been in operation since February 2016.

Process of wastewater treatment are as follows:

Dissolved Air Floatation

Dual Media Filtration

UV Packages

Mıcron Self Cleaning Filtration

Ultra Filtration

Cartridge Filters

Reverse Osmosis

Project title: Wastewater treatment plant and pumping station

Project location: Isfahan Oil Refinery

Contract period: 20 months

Contract Enforcement Date: 11/01/2016

Contract expiration date (including performance test time): 07/10/1397     2017

Program end date (including performance test time and workload increase): 09/30/2017

Launch: 11/01/2016

Temporary delivery: 09/30/1398

General Contractor: Absan Zalal Engineering Company

Supplementary Basic Engineering: Absan Zalal Engineering Company

Hazop Studies: Absan Zalal Engineering Company

Detailed Engineering: Absan Zalal Engineering Company

Highlights of the design:

All detailed engineering services and executive operations have been performed by Absan Zalal Engineering Company. Using the latest control systems and mechanical equipment.

To realize the slogan “We turn sanctions into opportunities” using internal facilities to monitor and operate key equipment and control systems.

Opening report in Farsi

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