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About Us

فولاد مبارکه اصفهان

Nowadays water is using directly and indirectly in all of industries more than any raw materials. Also, most of industry’s difficulties are related to using water. So by treating and preparing needed water, industries can increase their productivity and decrease their costs

:Our Mission

Consult, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Setup and Maintenance of water and wastewater systems in order to provide treated water of different industries, factories productivity increase, reducing environmental risks And help to Health improvement of society by using of latest world technologies


Head Office

The headquarter of ABSUN ZOLAL is located in Pasdaran, Tehran, Iran. At about 1200m² and 4 floors, all of the Company’s managers and office staff are placed

there are Tendering, Business Development, Commercial, Financial, Engineering, Projects and related departments in this building. Also, the Managing Director’s office and conference rooms for holding meetings with clients are available in ABSUN ZOLAL Building