The company is proud to design, construct and install the first industrial pre-treatment water treatment system by ultrafiltration to clear the water of the Bahman Shir river (capacity 4800 m 3 day-to-day with the ability to upgrade to 9600 m³ day and night) and the first nanofiltration system On an industrial scale with a capacity of 840 cubic meters per day for the decommissioning of river water according to Cooling Tower water and reverse osmosis system 1920 cubic meters per day according to industrial water standards (TDS <100 mg / l) of Petrochemical Complex Abadan is.

Pre-treatment Unit of Abadan Petrochemical Complex

Chlorine injection unit and hydrocyclone system

Initially, the water treatment of this project, the water of the river Bahman Shir to the reservoir with a capacity of 10,000 tons to supply the required water and the time required to trap the suspended suspended material is guided. Then, to disinfect the water entering the system, the chlorine injection unit in opnions have been asked. In order to remove the suspended particulates, water will be introduced into the hydrocyclone system for water clarification.

Injection Coating Unit and Nox Filter

For ease of removal of colloidal substances in water after injection of chlorine, the FeCl3 coagulant will be injected into the outlet water from the hydrocyclone unit. Two non-filter filters of 200 micron and 30 micron diameter were used to remove residual particles in water and to protect the ultrafiltration system.

Unit of ultrafiltration

In ultrafiltration unit, to remove turbidity, high molecular weight soluble material and clear water production with a opacity of less than 0.2 NTU and SDI of 3 UF packages are considered.

Nanofiltration Unit

Outgoing water from the ultrafiltration system enters the nanofiltration system (NF) to achieve 840 (m³ / day) soft water with CaCO3 (total hardness <100 (mg / l) for the use of water entering the integrated cooling tower units.

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Unit

Open water from the ultrafiltration system enters the reverse osmosis system or RO until 1920 (m³ / day) of treated water with a purity of TDS <100mg / l for the use of water entering the integrated boilers.