Sarmad Steel Co.

  • Subject: Water Treatment Plant 
  • Target: 
    Industrial Water Production
  • Capacity:  5,000m3/day (Phase 1) 5,000m3/day (Phase 2)
  • Location: Yazd – Abarkooh

About project

The purpose of this contract is to produce fresh water for Sarmad Abarkoh iron and steel factory in Yazd province (Abarkoh city), including design and engineering, product procurement and material supply, construction, testing at the manufacturing plant, transportation to the workshop, installation, testing, Pre-commissioning, start-up, post-commissioning services, temporary delivery and definitive delivery, operation, and training of the employer’s employees, with a minimum water production capacity of 5000 cubic meters per day.

The geographical location of the rolling mill area is located 15 km from Abarkoh city and at an altitude of 1490 meters above sea level.

The duration of the work is nine months (9 months), which includes the duration of design, preparation and construction, equipping and dismantling of the workshop. The duration of operation after the temporary delivery and fixing the defects was three months (3 months). The operation guarantee period is 18 months after delivery or one year after commissioning.

Work completion and delivery steps:

 Mechanical Completion

 Commissioning & Performance Test

Temporary delivery

The period of responsibility for fixing defects

Definite delivery

Standards met

General Technical Specifications of Building Works: Publication No. 55

Concrete Code of Iran: Publication No. 120

General characteristics of road construction works: Publication No. 101

General technical specifications of electrical works: publication number 110

General technical specifications of hot and cold water piping and building sewage: Publication No. 27

General technical specifications of building mechanical facilities: publication number 128

Conditions and criteria for the design and calculation of underground water reservoirs, publication: 123 and 124

Manpower in the water treatment plant and health care and their health control: publication number 134

Drinking water quality standard: 1053 standard

Standard of biological characteristics and permissible limit of bacteriological contamination of drinking water: Standard 1011

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WHO World Health Organization

IEC International Electrotechnical Committee

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JWWA blue works girl from Japan

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American Society for Testing Materials ASTM

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National Association of American Welding AWS

NEMA National Association of Electrical Equipment Manufacturers

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

IEEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering Institute

AISI American Iron and Steel Institute

USEPA Environmental Protection Agency

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