The company is proud of designing and constructing and installing the industrial system of water production in modern and exclusive ways to provide potable water and industrial water production of ardakan as the source of this project is water production and water production of ardakan road in yazd .

water purification of this project is one of the most voluminous wells in industrial water treatment . water production in the ardakan steel project has a complex process requiring consideration of some production units, experience and expertise .

the main sources of water consumption of the well in the ardakan steel project are as follows : the unit of production of iron ore concentrates unit of iron ore reserve unit , the direct reduction of sponge iron ore of the unit of iron slag of the unit of iron slag of drinking water is used .

based on the results of this company , quantity and quality of produced water in these processes depends on the following factors : iron production rate , iron ore production rate , sponge iron production rate . during several projects , the amount of iron production in industrial water treatment and treatment of industrial wastewater , it can be estimated the quantity and quality of produced units .

water treatment strategy in the design of water treatment systems :reducing the executive costs of reducing the area under the treatment of the low maintenance cost housing project : the production of industrial water and the production of potable water , ardakan : the capacity of potable water and the production of potable water .

: capacities
250 m3/h
5 m3/h
Water supply :
Well water