This company is proud to design, manufacture and install industrial water treatment system by ultrafiltration for industrial water treatment and water production, Isfahan city (capacity of ultrafiltration system 18000 cubic meters per day, industrial capacity of 11700 cubic meters per day, 3000 m3 / day) Another method of water treatment in Isfahan is the use of reverse osmosis or RO in Mobarakeh Steel project in Isfahan.


Water Treatment

Source of wastewater:

Zayanderoud River

Treatment Method:



Ultrafiltration System:

18000 m3/day

Industruial Water:

11700 m3/day

Demin Water:

3000 m3/day


Ultrafiltration is not different from microfiltration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis. When used in a water purification system, ultra filtration (UF) purification methods, soluble and suspended particles and bacteria, pathogens, proteins and Molecules larger than the pore size of the filter and membrane are removed from the water. UF can be used as pre-treatment for reverse osmosis systems for distilled water systems. Ultrafiltration completes large molecular separations for particles in the range of 20 to 1000 Angstroms. Soluble solvents and fine-molecules from membranes Except for colloids, proteins, microbiological contaminants and large organic molecules.

reverse osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a membrane-based filtering method that eliminates many coarse molecules and ions from the solution, thus filtering through the pressure to the back-filter solution and eliminating them. As a result, solvents remain beneath the pressure of the membrane, and the pure solvent allows the passage to the other.

Pictures of Mobarakeh Steel Water Treatment Project