Utility project of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company


Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Subjrct: Utility Location: Esfahan About project Utility and Offsite all offsite and utilities of the domestic projects of the refining company of esfahan (SSU Sulfur Unit, Refinery, Zero Blow Down & loading platform) & connecting the products of these units and pumping out the waste water from the refinery to the […]

Mobarakeh Steel Co.

chilled water

Mobarakeh Steel Co.(MSC) Subject: Chilled Water Production Plant (PU77) Capacity: 64.800m3/day   Selected photos Video

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. LPG Gas Recovery

LPG Gas Recovery

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Subject: LPG Gas Recovery Project Source: Isomerization Unit Exhaust Gas  Location: Esfahan   Selected photos About project The isomerization unit of Esfahan Oil Refinery Company with a capacity of 27000 barrels per day, is designed to isomerize the feed received from Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (the upstream product of the splitter tower). […]

Shazand Petrochemical Co.

shazand petrochemical

Shazand Petrochemical Co. Subjrct:Wastewater Reuse by EDR Capacity: 11.520m3/day source:Industrial Wastewater Target: Industrial Water Production Location: Arak

Entekhab Petrochemical Co.

Entekhab Petrochemical Co.   Subjrct: Wastewater Reuse Capacity: 1200m3/day source: Industrial Wastewater Target: Industrial Water Production Location: Asaluyeh Selected photos

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. ZLD

Zero Liquid Discharge

Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Subjrct: ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) Capacity: 1200m3/day source: CCRO Unit Effluent Location: Esfahan Selected Photo

Tehran Oil Refining Co.

Cooling Tower

Tehran Oil Refining Co. Subjrct: Open Circuit Cooling Tower (Wet) Capacity: 6600 m Location: Tehran Selected Photo About project Purchase of executive materials for the construction and installation of an open-circuit concrete cooling tower unit with a design capacity of 6600 cubic meters per hour, which according to the design consists of 4 cells each […]

Parand Power Plant Generation

Wastewater Reuse

Parand Power Plant Generation. Subjrct: Wastewater Reuse Capacity: 1.104 m3/day source:Sanitary WWTP Reuse Target: Industrial Water Production Location: Tehran-Parand Selected photos

Mobarakeh Steel Co. ( MSC ) Demin

Water treatment plant

Mobarakeh Steel Co. Subjrct: Water treatment plant Capacity: Ultrafiltration System 18000 m3/day source: Zayandehrud River Location: Esfahan Selected photos Video