Symposium topics

Taking into account the climatic conditions of Iran and the understanding and importance of water, Absan Zalal Group is a contractor company with the aim of designing, supplying, installing and implementing projects for the optimal use of this vital liquid and the recycling of all types of consumed water and waste water. Purification of water, […]

High pressure pumps in reverse osmosis system

High pressure pump High pressure pumps are one of the main components of any RO system. These pumps should provide a uniform flow to the RO elements. The design of these pumps should be such that it provides the desired flow rate at the desired pressure of the system for different working conditions of the […]

RO reverse osmosis system design principles

In reverse osmosis systems with a helical arrangement, the length of the cylindrical pressure container or module containing the supporting elements, sometimes called the retaining shell, is the variable that has the greatest impact on the design of other system components. The design of the module has a direct effect on the design of the […]

Getting to know the basics of reverse osmosis process

To explain reverse osmosis, we must first say, the need for advanced water purification methods are generally the usual water purification processes to convert surface or underground water into suitable drinking water, however, sometimes water sources contain substances that can be purified by these processes. are not . For example, underground water has excess dissolved […]

82% of country’s dam reservoirs were filled with water

Meanwhile, in the current water year (from October 1st to June 7th), the filling rate of the reservoirs of the country’s dams reached 82%, which was 54% in the same period last year. Our country now has 966 dams in operation, under construction and under study, and the total capacity of the reservoirs of dams […]

Serving Absun Zolal to flood victims

Absan Zalal company, while expressing its sympathy to our dear countrymen affected by floods, has sent a pilot 5 cubic meter per hour water purification system to help the flood victims with the ability to treat any type of water and wastewater for the drinking water of our countrymen.

Second symposium on modern water purification systems

Absan Zalal Company, a leader in water treatment, wastewater treatment and recycling of urban and industrial wastewater in Iran, organized the second symposium of modern water treatment systems and recycling of industrial and sanitary wastewater by prominent professors in this industry on December 22, 1400 at the Olympic Hotel. in order to take an effective […]

Completing equipment for first phase of Ardakan steel treatment

The Ardakan Steel Refinery project, which had a capacity of 205m3/day of purified water, was concluded in July 2017, according to the design and finalization of the project engineering department, it entered the equipment purchase department, and all the equipment of the first phase of the project, which includes RO equipment, ultrafiltration, Pumps, sand and […]

Inauguration of Dimin Water Treatment Plant of Isfahan Refinery

We are proud to announce the opening of Damin Water Project of Isfahan Oil Refinery on 06/16/1400. This treatment plant has a capacity of 500 cubic meters per hour, which has directly created employment for more than 200 people with the support of local production and expertise. This project is a symbol of the self-belief […]

Utility project of Isfahan Oil Refinery Company


Esfahan Oil Refining Co. Subjrct: Utility Location: Esfahan About project Utility and Offsite all offsite and utilities of the domestic projects of the refining company of esfahan (SSU Sulfur Unit, Refinery, Zero Blow Down & loading platform) & connecting the products of these units and pumping out the waste water from the refinery to the […]