82% of country’s dam reservoirs were filled with water

Meanwhile, in the current water year (from October 1st to June 7th), the filling rate of the reservoirs of the country’s dams reached 82%, which was 54% in the same period last year.

Our country now has 966 dams in operation, under construction and under study, and the total capacity of the reservoirs of dams in operation in the current water year is reported to be 50 billion cubic meters. According to the report of the Iran Water House and quoted by the Iran Water Resources Management Company, the output of the country’s dams in the current water year has reached 55.43 billion cubic meters, while in the last water year the output was 17.42 billion cubic meters, and the difference in the amount The output of these 2 years shows the figure of 38.01 billion cubic meters. The current stock of dam reservoirs has reached 41.15 billion cubic meters, while last year the stock of dams was 26.91 billion cubic meters. The difference between the stock of dams this year and last year is 53%.

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