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Taking into account the climatic conditions of Iran and the understanding and importance of water, Absan Zalal Group is a contractor company with the aim of designing, supplying, installing and implementing projects for the optimal use of this vital liquid and the recycling of all types of consumed water and waste water. Purification of water, wastewater and sewage in the oil, gas, petrochemical, mining, metallurgical and power plant industries.

With the passage of time and gaining the necessary experience, Absan Zalal group has succeeded in implementing more than 70 projects in our beloved country by creating employment for more than 700 people, and now this group is a contractor and business partner. Committed and reliable, it is known in various industries.
The spirit of self-belief has turned Absan Zalal Group into a leading company in the industry, and our recognition is based on a lasting record of timely response to the changing needs and expectations of customers.

After holding the first symposium on water purification and recycling of industrial and sanitary wastes, Absan Zalal Group has succeeded in implementing several large and small projects in various oil, gas, petrochemical, steel and mining industries, and now it is on the verge of holding the second symposium. Modern water treatment systems and recycling of industrial and sanitary wastes is proud to announce that it is working as an EPC contractor in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries as a specialized brand of Absan Zalal Company by registering the Absan Energy brand.

In this regard, Absan Energy brand is engaged in the field of air separation unit, emergency generators, steam production unit, cooling tower, injection of water additives, cold water system, main power distribution station, water production system, construction of oil and gas tanks. It is delivery

Introduction of new systems in the purification of caustic spent

Spent caustic, or used caustic, is one of the wastes of oil, gas and petrochemical industries, which cannot be easily disposed of in the environment due to the presence of large amounts of toxic and harmful pollutants. Since all petrochemicals and refineries face this problem, in this part of the program, this important matter and its treatment methods are discussed.
Sakhranan: Miss Engineer Farzaneh Sayadi and Mr. Dr. Bayat

Advanced technologies in water desalination by reverse osmosis method

Today, there are new methods for desalination of water by reverse osmosis and achieving maximum recoveries by managing and reducing costs. The two methods that are going to be discussed in this gathering, in the first part, the closed circuit system of reverse osmosis (CCRO) and in the second part, the reduction of waste water discharge, or the MLD method, will be discussed.
Sakhran: Mr. Engineer Ali Salmani

Introducing new systems of biologically active carbon in wastewater recycling

One of the newest and most efficient processes that is used in advanced countries of the world today to treat wastewater with high ammonia is carbon activated biological-ozone process. Absan Zalal Company is proud that for the first time in Iran, it has been able to reduce the amount of ammonia and COD in Isfahan Oil Refinery effluent by 70% using this new biological method.
Sakharan: Mrs. Dr. Farideh Mohammadi

Using new methods to treat urea and ammonia wastewater

The activity of urea and ammonia production units is one of the sources of pollution in the environment. Currently, unfortunately, this type of wastewater is not treated. The purpose of this section is to introduce new and effective processes in the wastewater treatment of urea and ammonia units.
Sakhran: Mrs. Engineer Mahdia Arghiani

Introducing new hybrid cooling systems

The hybrid cooling tower system is one of the most up-to-date technologies used in water intensive industries that have a significant ability to reduce water consumption, which seems to be a necessity considering the lack of water resources in our country. is.

In this system, by combining dry and wet cooling towers in one tower and controlling it by an intelligent system, annual water consumption will be reduced by 70%. Absan Zallel is proud to sign a cooperation and technology transfer agreement with CENK from Turkey.
In this part, we are trying to explain this system and introduce you to its specifications.
Sakhranan: Mr. Engineer Rozbeh Torabi and Mr. Engineer Toros Esenaniyan, representative of CENK

Technology transfer in steam production unit

The use of steam and its production in different capacities and process conditions in different industries, especially in the oil, gas and steel industry, as a cheap energy source, has always been the attention and need of the industry. The transfer of technology and the use of new methods in the design, repairs and localization of industrial boilers in different capacities are of special importance, which we will introduce in this section.
Sakharan: Mr. Dr. Ahmad Azadi

Introducing the use of EDI and EDR systems in wastewater recovery

Mega is a manufacturer of ion exchange membranes, EDI and EDR systems registered in the Czech Republic and has a factory in Russia. Mega is the only EDI and EDR manufacturer in the world that makes the required membranes by itself. The main feature of this company’s products is stability in performance and high durability. Mega does not have a representative in Iran and works directly with Iranian companies. Here we are going to briefly introduce the benefits of using EDI for the production of stormwater, and the fields of application of EDR technology in the wastewater recovery industry.
Sakhran: Mr. Engineer Mohammad Reza Mazaherin, representative of the company (MEGA)

Introducing new ZLD systems

Today, in order to reduce and remove pollutants from various industries, the use of Discharge Liquid Zero systems has become very common. Using different technologies, these systems have the ability to remove a wide range of pollutants and effluents in various industries, such as refineries, petrochemicals, oil and gas, and steel.
KEP company is one of the technology-owning companies in this industry and has a lot of experience in implementing ZLD projects. Here we want to introduce the capabilities of this company and introduce new technologies in this industry.
Sakhran: Dear Mr. Engineer Bahat Pratik, representative of KEP company

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